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Sweeter Than Honey

Why are little Jewish children all over the world singing, “Dip the apple in the honey…”? “If they are not prophets, then they are the children of prophets.” (Pesachim 66A) So what are these little Neviim telling us and why do we dip the apple in the honey? I just started using a special Siddur called “Matuk M’Dvash”, literally “Sweeter than Honey”. What’s so good about this siddur? All of the words are in the Holy font of Ksav Ashuris like the Hebrew writing in a Sefer Torah, and the Name of HASHEM is dressed up and beautified with a rich combination of pronunciations and… Подробнее »Sweeter Than Honey

Still Seeking a Spirit Sign?

Still Seeking a Spirit Sign? Dan Juster Congregations that maturely invite and allow the Holy Spirit to act, also show greater power in evangelism and motivating people to give their all to the Kingdom of God. I have been observing this now for over 40 years. This was so true in the days when I pastored. However, most congregations that say they believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit have little in the way of showing the Spirit. There are too many reasons why we have so few manifestations of the Spirit, but I will list some here: It… Подробнее »Still Seeking a Spirit Sign?


DAVID J. RUDOLPH excerpt from DAVID J. RUDOLPH’s book «A MESSIANIC JEWISH RESPONSE» I ask, then, has God rejected his people? By no means! As regards election, they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.1 (Romans 11:1,28—29) In 2019 I had the pleasure of attending a public debate between N. T. Wright and Mark Kinzer, a Messianic Jew, that focused on two questions: (1) Are non-Messianic Jews members of God’s covenanted people? And (2) if so, do they as a people have a unique covenantal calling that distinguishes their… Подробнее »A MESSIANIC JEWISH RESPONSE

Does Yeshua Mean what He Says?

Netivyah Bible Instruction MinistryThe Jerusalem Prayer List – August 18, 2023by Joseph Shulam  Does Yeshua Mean what He Says? This week, the Jewish Synagogues around the world will be reading a portion that in Hebrew is called Shoftim, and translates as Judges. The reading is from Deuteronomy 16:18 – 21:9. The Haftarah, the reading from the Prophets comes from Isaiah 51:12 – 52:12, and from the New Testament we will be reading from the Gospel of John 14:9 – 20. I have heard pastors say, “Why do we have to study and spend time reading and learning from the OLD… Подробнее »Does Yeshua Mean what He Says?

From Palestine to jail in Mauritius: When Britain deported 1,580 Shoah refugees

From Palestine to jail in Mauritius: When Britain deported 1,580 Shoah refugees They fled the Nazis to Mandate Palestine in 1940, only to be deported and, over Churchill’s objections, locked up for 5 years; August 12 marks 75 years since their release By ROBERT PHILPOT  LONDON — On December 5, 1940, 1,580 Jewish men, women and children were taken from the Atlit detention center near Haifa, transferred on to two ships, and deported to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. On their arrival in the small British colony 17 days later, the refugees — who had fled Nazi-occupied Europe… Подробнее »From Palestine to jail in Mauritius: When Britain deported 1,580 Shoah refugees

As the Mountains Surround Jerusalem: A Biblical and Modern Look

As the Mountains Surround Jerusalem: A Biblical and Modern Look BY KAYLA MUCHNIK Ascending the Jerusalem Mountains Today Every year, Jews throughout Israel go up the mountains to Jerusalem, to celebrate the victory of the Six Day War in 1967. It brought the reunification of the city and the reestablishment of Israeli control over the Old City of Jerusalem. This celebration is called Jerusalem Day or “Yom Yerushalyim”, and we just celebrated it on May 28-29 this year. Our Heavenly Father delights in His people, His nation of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem. In Psalm 125, we see that God compares… Подробнее »As the Mountains Surround Jerusalem: A Biblical and Modern Look

The Shoah’s Other Lost Children

The Shoah’s Other Lost Children BY TONI KAMINS On March 4 of this year the Vatican announced that it would finally open the papacy archives of Pius XII, the pope whose tenure from 1939 until 1958, covered the years of the Second World War. This step has been a long time coming and historians hope that it will finally shed light on the actions taken by Pius XII and the Catholic Church as Jews were being rounded up and slaughtered in Europe by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. “The Church is not afraid of history,” declared Pope Francis, the current… Подробнее »The Shoah’s Other Lost Children

Why Jews Speak of Memory, Not History

Why Jews Speak of Memory, Not History by Meir Y. Soloveichik On a recent visit to Israel, I toured the Museum of the Underground Prisoners, in Acre. It is housed in the Ottoman fortress that the British utilized as their most important prison during their colonial administration of Palestine between 1920 and 1948. It was the most emotional museum visit I have ever experienced. It was at this site that the pioneering revisionist Zionist leader and thinker Vladimir Jabotinsky had been held in 1920 by the British for the “crime” of organizing a Jewish defensive response to Arab riots in Jerusalem.… Подробнее »Why Jews Speak of Memory, Not History

The Truth Behind the Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’

The Truth Behind the Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’ by Sol Stern MARCH 2023 ISRAEL Israel will soon celebrate the 75th anniversary of its independence. Around the same time, Palestinians will stage their annual Nakba Day, the official commemoration held every year on May 15 to protest Israel’s creation. The marking of this supposed “catastrophe” (nakba) will surely be a key feature of the elite media discussion of Israel’s anniversary. As such, it will represent an ongoing public-relations triumph for the Palestinians—and a victory for deceit and disinformation. For the past quarter century, leaders of the Palestinian Authority have been insistent that their people were… Подробнее »The Truth Behind the Palestinian ‘Catastrophe’

Bava Batra: A Surprising Look at the Messiah in the Talmud

Bava Batra: A Surprising Look at the Messiah in the Talmud by Joseph Shulam This is a rabbi’s teaching from the tractate Bava Batra, concerning the Messiah in the Talmud. Watch the video, or read the transcription below: Shalom, my name is Joseph Shulam and I want to share with you something very, very interesting that happened about a year ago, one Sunday evening after all the workers of Netivyah had already left the office, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and I see a big man dressed in a silver striped kaftan, an Orthodox… Подробнее »Bava Batra: A Surprising Look at the Messiah in the Talmud

The New Kibbutz

The New Kibbutz Kishorit, a self-described neurodiverse kibbutz, is redefining Israeli communal living at a time when these communities are on the decline BY MATTI FRIEDMAN The kibbutz, one of the greatest ideas ever put into practice, has fallen on hard times. Having pioneered a new country and wrought a revolution in Jewish history, most of these communes no longer subscribe to radical Zionist egalitarianism and have resigned themselves to life as suburbs, leaving a hole at the center of the country’s consciousness that we haven’t managed to fill with anything better. I’m always happy to hear a pulse—like the… Подробнее »The New Kibbutz

Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate

Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate A review of recent scholarship on the shaping of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of the Holocaust, and how Islamist hate has roots in Nazi antisemitism. JEFFREY HERF In early June 1946, Haj Amin el-Husseini, also known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, escaped from a year of pleasant house arrest in France and flew to Cairo. Husseini, by then often referred to in Egypt simply as “the Mufti,” was internationally renowned as a collaborator with Nazi Germany as a result of his meeting with Adolf Hitler in Berlin in November 1941, and… Подробнее »Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate

What is Tithing? And Does it Apply to Me?

What is Tithing? And Does it Apply to Me? What is tithing? What do you think of when you think of tithing? Most of us are familiar with the term. But what does it really mean? And more importantly, what does it mean to us personally?  What is tithe in the Bible; what does “tithe” mean? Biblically, a tithe means a tenth. Which even by definition is different from an offering. We see the first tithe in Genesis when Abraham gives a tenth of his possessions to Melchizedek, King of Salem, a mysterious, enigmatic Canaanite priest of the Most High… Подробнее »What is Tithing? And Does it Apply to Me?

All Israel Will Be Saved // Understanding God in Romans 11

All Israel Will Be Saved // Understanding God in Romans 11  BIBLE TEACHINGS ON ISRAEL Do we believe that all Israel will be saved? For most of Church history, a large part of the Church believed that we were moving away from Israel and God’s plan for the Jewish people—that all Israel will be saved. However, Paul paints a much different picture for us in Romans 11. Paul reveals that not only does God still have a plan for Israel now… But that all of history is moving towards the final salvation of Israel when the Messiah returns to Zion.… Подробнее »All Israel Will Be Saved // Understanding God in Romans 11


INVITATION Come up to me at early dawn,Come up to me, for I am drawn,Beloved, by my spirit’s spell,To see the sons of Israel.For thee, my darling, I will spreadWithin my court a golden bed,And I will set a table thereAnd bread for thee I will prepare,For thee my goblet I will fillWith juices that my vines distil:And thou shalt drink to heart’s delight,Of all my flavours day and night.The joy in thee I will evinceWith which a people greets its prince.O son of Jesse, holy stem,God’s servant, born of Bethlehem!

The Source

The Source Ron Cantor Some people wrongly see the book of James as a book about action. Hold your tongue. Help widows and orphans. Don’t show favoritism. But it is not about action—it is about the source of power and purity that leads to action. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water (James 3:11-12). The key to living a holy life of service is not human effort, but being filled with God—being connected… Подробнее »The Source

My Ministry Syndrome and Celebrity Christianity

My Ministry Syndrome and Celebrity Christianity Ron Cantor There is a phrase that we used to use in Bible school that I have all but purged from my vocabulary. It is the phrase “my ministry.” We used to ask each other, “What is your ministry?” Or confess, “I think evangelism will be my ministry.” Or even envision an organization led by one charismatic figure—his or her ministry. Now, of course, we all have unique individual callings, but rarely does someone fulfill that call by themselves. Yes, when the disciples scattered after Stephen’s death, Phillip goes to Samaria alone, but what… Подробнее »My Ministry Syndrome and Celebrity Christianity

The Grand Theorist of Holocaust Denial, Robert Faurisson

On April 12, just now, Robert Faurisson suffered one more minor legal defeat in a French court, which is good news, in a small way, for the world, and, in a bigger way, for the newspaper Le Monde. The court ruling means that, in France, you can denounce Faurisson as a “professional liar” and a “falsifier of history.” And you do not have to worry about a defamation suit—which is good news for Le Monde because, back in 1978, the editors made the insane error of judging Faurisson to be a man-with-an-idea-worth-debating, and they welcomed him into their pages. Faurisson is of course the theoretician… Подробнее »The Grand Theorist of Holocaust Denial, Robert Faurisson


CAN WE DO ANYTHING TO STOP ANTISEMITISM? This article was written by staff member Olivier Melnick who serves in the Dallas area and reported live on location in Colleyville. We can easily answer this question in the negative, and yet, there are several things that people of goodwill in general and Christians, in particular, can do to help in the fight against “the oldest hatred.” RECENT ANTISEMITIC EVENTS On Saturday, January 15, 2022, a hostage situation unraveled in Colleyville, Texas near Fort Worth. Pakistani UK citizen, Malik Faisal Akram entered Congregation Beth Israel during a live-streamed Sabbath service and took the… Подробнее »CAN WE DO ANYTHING TO STOP ANTISEMITISM?

Mentally Prepared for Marriage

Mentally Prepared for Marriage Vladimir Savchuk Unsplash What makes someone ready for marriage?  If you’re in the season of life where you’re wondering about this, here are a few things to think about. When I look around at culture, I see a lot of boys who think they’re men, but they haven’t truly matured. There’s a certain maturity that takes place when the commitment is made not only to date someone, but to take them to the altar. Here are three things, aside from being God-fearing individuals, that can ensure a healthy marriage: Commit to marriage for life. When you… Подробнее »Mentally Prepared for Marriage

Chanukah: The Highest Love

Is there something idealistic and holy in loving the Jewish people? Or is this just another form of nationalism, an emotion far less noble than a universal love for all peoples? Chanukah Lights The minimal obligation during Chanukah is to light one candle each night of the holiday. The academies of Hillel and Shamai, however, disagreed as to the optimal way to light: “The school of Shamai ruled that the most punctilious individuals (Mehadrin min HaMehadrin) light eight lights on the first day, and the number of lights decreases each day. But the school of Hillel ruled that they should… Подробнее »Chanukah: The Highest Love