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Parashat Terumah, Exodus 25:1-27:19 Becoming a Mishkan Rabbi Isaac S. Roussel, Congregation Zera Avraham, Ann Arbor, MI In Christian circles you often hear people talking about inviting Jesus into your heart, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and God living within us. Many years ago there was a booklet entitled “My Heart, Christ’s Home” which drew an analogy between a house and our inner lives. It likened the study to what we expose ourselves to in reading, the kitchen to the food that we eat, the workshop to our actions, and the recreation room to the kinds of entertainment we… Подробнее »BECOMING A MISHKAN

Mishpatim: An Eye for an Eye

Azar seated with Hebrew writers Shimoni, Brenner, and Agnon (Jaffa, 1910) Azar’s Question During the years that Rav Kook served as chief rabbi of Jaffa, he met and befriended many of the Hebrew writers and intellectuals of the time. His initial contact in that circle was the ‘elder’ of the Hebrew writers, Alexander Ziskind Rabinowitz, better known by the abbreviation Azar. Azar was one of the leaders of Po’alei Tzion, an anti-religious, Marxist party; but over the years, Azar developed strong ties with traditional Judaism. He met with Rav Kook many times, and they became close friends. Azar once asked Rav Kook:… Подробнее »Mishpatim: An Eye for an Eye